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At Chai Club, we owe both our script and success to this enigmatic aura of cha and are dedicated to take tea it to every nook and corner of the country with your support and participation. The most evergreen it is, the tea business is one of the most trustable and reliable across any region and for any season. Because, tea and Indian tastebuds are inseparable. Young and enthusiastic in attitude, fresh and passionate in execution.




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Chai club Benefits

Huge Margins

Lower Risk

Short PayBack Period

Breaking Stereotypes

Chai Club: Brewing distinct flavours for your franchise

  • Highly fetching franchise model with appropriate handholding,
    from branding to equipment to training
  • Excellent minds at work building partnerships and spirited entrepreneurship
  • Strong financial health and strategic marketing planning to support brand’s growth
  • Popular mix of offerings that include traditional and blended tea, coffee, shakes and snacks
  • Strategic and attractive locations that woo tea lovers as well as make outlets visible and profitable

Chai Club:
Serving taste and range

  • Research and care invested into choosing high-quality ingredients
  • Extraordinary range from milk tea to bubble tea, shakes to coolers
  • Accompanied by easy-to-munch delicious snacks that make it a wholesome experience for patrons
  • Zero artificial flavours

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About Chai Club

From time immemorial, tea continues to be the most essential and emotional part of human lives across the world. Call it cha, chai, or affectionately tea, the etymology doesn’t matter; all that matters is the cuppa makes our day, builds bonds, rejuvenates mind and runs our body at times, both physically and mentally.

In India, it is no different, as every region in this massive nation has its variant or variety of tea, intrinsic and inherent to the culture, geography and history of the respective region.


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